Angelspit at The Electrowerkz (Slimelight)

DestroyX (Amelia Arsenic) and Zoog of Angelspit

DestroyX (Amelia Arsenic) and Zoog of Angelspit

DestroyX (Amelia Arsenic) and Zoog of Angelspit

DestroyX (Amelia Arsenic) and Zoog of Angelspit

Whereas many countries of Europe and the USA have produced long lists of Alternative and Gothic bands, Australia is not usually the country of origin for Alternative Music. Our friends down-under can however pride themselves as being the origin Angelspit; of one of the most exciting and innovative EBM bands in many years. On 17th April 2010 they performed their second ever gig in London at The Electrowekz in Islington’s long running Goth and Alternative club night: Slimelight

Angelspit members DestroyX (aka Amelia Arsenic) and Zoog are a cyber vision in red and black latex and a mohawk of synthetic hair extensions. Their performance is primarily vocal with both members predominantly speak-singing their lyrics mostly at the same time, something close to a kind of Cyber-Goth-Rap. They also periodically go over to modulation machines and vocoders to change he sounds of the tracks. The stage is set with light rods that change colour with the performance which also adds to the cyber visuals of the performance. The crowed are very enthusiastic, beating their fists in the air along with the music, particularly during “Fuck the Revolution”.

Their songs are full of macabre, scathing yet humorous takes on modern day issues such as the size zero fad diet culture of the mainstream in “Skinny Little Bitch” and young girls who grow up too quickly and then attract paedophillic attention in “Girl Poison”. In fact even “100%”, arguably the bands biggest hit, has overtones cannibalism, opposition to organised religion and televised brainwashing keeping people in their place. It seems that almost no taboo subject matter is off limits to Angelspit. It’s all very heavy, angry stuff but with a great beat – perfectly designed to appeal to people who see themselves as outcasts: the gothic and alternative community.

By the end of the performance, everyone on stage and in the audience has had a great time and a friend of mine who had had a particularly bad week mentioned that she had “totally needed a gig like that”. The raw energy of the band really allow you to get out all anger and frustration. Zoog ends the gig by saying “We love you London – you invented punk, you invented goth!” London may well have invented it, but the Aussies of Angelspit have continued in it’s great tradition.

Angelspit’s newest release “Hideous and Perfect” is available now at Amazon and this, along with their back catalogue is available at MissJade’s alternative music & culture shop.

You can also visit Amelia Arsenic‘s own blog:

Angelspit Performing “Skinny Little Bitch” at Slimelight

Rating 5/5

After the gig I had the pleasure and privilege to get a picture with the beautiful and sexy DestroyX. Here’s me with Amelia Arsenic:

Missjade (Ashleigh Jade) with DestroyX (Amelia Arsenic)

Missjade (Ashleigh Jade) with DestroyX (Amelia Arsenic)

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